Activity Factory | Workflow Automation

por Paperless Trail Inc.

Put your business workflows on auto-pilot.

Activity Factory is a workflow automation software designed to help businesses orchestrate processes within their organization, enabling users to pass tasks, information, documents, requests and so on, from one person to another for action. It is specially designed for SMEs, Large Businesses, Human Resource Teams, Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Teams.

•Optimize repetitive, recurrent, and redundant admin tasks to give more time for strategic tasks.

•Design, develop, and configure unlimited workflows without the need for complex coding. 

•Integrate electronic signatures in the approval workflows.

•Highly integrable—no need to replace existing systems.

•Tracking capability—know the status of any task or process in an instant.

•Access and accomplish tasks that are part of a business process anywhere as long as you're connected to the internet.

•Share a workflow status to users and non-users by sharing a QR code.

•Secure all log-ins with One Time Passwords.

•Built for the cloud—access Activity Factory from anywhere in the world. May be hosted in a public cloud or a private server.

•Pre-built workflows to get the automation up and running fast.

- AR/AP, Requisition, Procurement

- HR On-Boarding, PIPs, Leaves and Approvals

- ISO NCR/CPAR Processes, Document Authoring

- Regulatory Compliance Workflow

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