por Parloa GmbH

Conversational AI platform to automate phone calls, on-site chats, WhatsApp chats or Teams chats.

With Parloa, companies can automate their most important customer communication channels. Parloa combines its low code front-end with the newest Microsoft Cognitive Services to offer the best conversational AI experience possible.

Parloa enables enterprises to design, implement, manage and train automated conversational experiences across different channels, e.g., Phone, Digital Assistants, On-Site Chat, WhatsApp. Enterprises from various industries such as ERGO, Decathlon, Axel Springer, SPIEGEL, Swiss Life, and Miele are already using Parloa to automate their conversational channels.
Parloa has built one of the most advanced but still simple to use low code front-ends to control and manage automated dialogs. Using the front-end, companies do not need data scientists, machine learning engineers, or developer resources to leverage the newest Conversational AI technology to automate their customer service.
In addition, Parloa’s solution offers one of the best conversational pipelines. The best AI components are combined to provide the best-automated customer experience possible. The pipeline contains, among others, a phone gateway, speech to text (SST), natural language understanding (NLU), dialog management, and text to speech (TTS) components.

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