Polystream 3D Application Streaming Platform

por Polystream

Polystream 3D Application Streaming Platform

Streaming the World's 3D Applications at Scale.

No Cloud GPUs. No Downloads. No Installs. Global Scale.

Polystream is the only platform capable of instantly running your 3D software from any cloud at scale – because we don’t need a graphics GPU in the cloud.

Complex 3D Applications - supports intensive 3D software like games, simulations, CAD or BIM and much more.

No Downloads, No Installs - instant and secure, only encrypted graphics data is streamed to end users.

Global Scale - no expensive cloud GPUs, uses commodity hardware from any cloud provider.

Talk to us about a cloud application streaming platform that can support your customers whatever their scale and wherever they are - not just a handful in select locations.

Traditional attempts to deliver interactive 3D software from the cloud use cloud graphics GPUs. VDI with dedicated graphics GPUs does technically work, but it does not scale and is far too expensive to build a business around.

We don’t use cloud graphics GPUs. Instead, we have built a platform from the ground up to support real-time streaming of 3D graphics at any scale from any cloud - that is our Polystream Software Defined Imaging technology.

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