Predica Intranet Accelerator

por Predica

Gain user-friendly a digital modern workplace with ready to deploy Predica Intranet Framework

Predica Intranet Framework is an answer for most customer’s needs. It is designed to provide the best user experience for content consumption, edition, and collaboration. Capital groups and large businesses need an efficient system for sharing information and making the digital workplace more user-friendly. Our solution - Predica Intranet Accelerator - allows for achieving these goals in a short time-frame, tailored to individual needs, based on Office 365 that releases new features and functionalities every month. No matter if Customer is looking for a brand-new solution or they would like to migrate existing one – Intranet Framework will shorten time project and costs.

Predica Intranet Accelerator is a modern solution with several main features:

  • Ease of use – everyone knows what to do and it does not require a special training
  • Content targeting – target the information only to a specified recipient group
  • Multi-language – available in several language versions
  • Multimedia – can be enhanced with images or video
  • Mobile and tablet support (Responsive Web Design) – the application looks great, no matter which device or screen you use
  • Enterprise Social Network – solution integrates natively with Yammer which is a social part of Office 365
  • Office 365 integration – with Yammer, Teams, Video Portal and Skype, Predica Intranet Accelerator forms a comprehensive solution
  • Ready to use modules – after deployment the customer can instantly use many modules

Main benefits:

  • Easy to use without input from IT
  • Time-saving
  • Intuitive
  • Content targeting
  • Element of culture change in organizations
  • Works on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones

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