PView - Solar Asset Management

por Prediktor AS

Asset Management Solution for Utility-sized Photovoltaics

Efficient operation of any solar plant is essential to ensure the budgeted energy production is met, that operations are done according to regulations and that the O&M is done in an efficient manner. Optimal operations include early fault detection, structured maintenance procedure, efficient reporting, production forecasting and diagnostics. All of these challenges need to be executed on production sites often located in rural locations with little, or no, local manning and limited communication infrastructure. Prediktor PView™ is an open and scalable solution, enabling efficient operation and maintenance of solar plants. Solar O&M handles all essential O&M activities in one centralized system and has a scalable architecture.. PView™ can be connected to an existing local SCADA gathering data in a central server. Alternatively, if no local SCADA exist, the system can connect directly to the field equipment and available instrumentation, act as a local SCADA in addition to relaying data to the central system. • Maximize productivity of the whole plant portfolio ensuring optimal reliability and continuity • Minimize amount of resources required for asset management • Reduce financial risk towards lenders • Measure and document actual performance of the equipment

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