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Develop Impactful Pricing Strategies with Cutting-Edge AI

PROS Smart Price Optimization Management

Gain Impactful Pricing Strategies to Drive Profitable Growth

PROS Price Optimization and Management (POM) software powered by Gen IV AI, leverages the most advanced AI models and dynamic pricing algorithms to deliver real-time customer-specific, market-relevant prices in real time and consistently across direct, channel, distributor, and eCommerce platforms. The result? PROS customers have an unmatched competitive advantage with customer-specific, market-aware, and win-rate-based pricing.

Delivered exclusively on Microsoft Azure, PROS offers an omnichannel pricing solution that defines pricing strategies, manages prices across multiple channels and geographies, governs pricing approval processes, and provides real-time analytics and insights to better manage revenue and profit even during market fluctuations.

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management (POM) Empowers Pricing Teams to:

  • Harmonize price strategies across all sales channels
  • Optimize prices leveraging science that understands every buyer’s willingness to pay
  • Achieve price governance and visibility
  • Execute and deliver dynamic, market-relevant prices in all traditional and digital sales channels
  • Avoid channel conflict and eliminate price discrepancies

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management (POM) Delivers:

  • Dynamic Pricing - Leverage dynamic price strategies for omnichannel experience
  • AI Price Recommendation - Personalize price recommendations for every buyer
  • Informed Decisions - Win C-level executives trust by making the right pricing decisions for the business
  • Automated Processes - Automated pricing workflows extending into sales
  • Meaningful Analysis - Discover your potential and eliminate leaks via configurable charts

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Note* Pricing may vary based on each individual customer’s requirements. Contact Alan Potter at to discuss the AI-powered way to drive profitable growth.

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