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Maximize revenue across every flight and every market.

PROS Revenue Management

Maximize revenue across every flight and every market.

PROS Revenue Management (PROS RM) is the market-leading revenue management solution in the airline industry. Powered by proven AI and ML, PROS RM forecasts and optimizes bid prices so that airlines can tackle demand fluctuations and market volatility with certainty. Analysts can gain detailed visibility into market-level data with streamlined user workflows and make decisions with confidence.

With PROS RM, airlines can harness the power of best-in-class forecasting with PROS willingness-to-pay forecasting and optimization to scientifically forecast the price sensitivity of airline passengers, incorporate that sensitivity into the optimizations, and then adjust availability strategies. With available real-time dynamic and continuous pricing, airlines can ensure they maximize revenue with every pricing decision.

Featuring increasing levels of sophistication, PROS has Revenue Management solutions for airlines of any size and business model.

What Makes PROS Revenue Management Different

  • Advanced forecasting methodology based on customer behavior and influence
  • Model-based reinforcement learning ensure analysts can influence and have insight into decisions vs black box AI
  • Intuitive workflows built to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Revenue optimal bid price controls
  • Dynamic pricing on a continuous pricing curve
  • Insights based on real-time data and meaningful alerts
  • Flexibility and control across flight-level control and reporting delivery set-up
  • Seamless integration with network planning, pricing, and scheduling solutions
  • Ranked #1 in global market share
  • 2-3% average revenue uplift
  • 30% improvement in process efficiencies
  • >25% increase in forecasting accuracy

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