Corvidae - A radically new approach to attribution

QueryClick Ltd

Corvidae is the only marketing attribution solution that completely rebuilds your marketing data.

Built by marketing experts in collaboration with EMEA’s largest school of Informatics & Data Science, Corvidae’s patented architecture is uniquely able to unbundle data silos including Google Ads and Facebook. This is thanks to its rebuilding of raw web analytics data, the bulk of which - some 80% - is not fit for purpose for attribution. 

Corvidae ingests up to 2 years of existing data, and includes enterprise tagging. In addition, Corvidae’s unique Visit level Attribution (VLA) output allows joining across digital to traditional media & offline activities - for example to cash retail activity, or CPG to Retailer demand.  

Corvidae is predictive, allowing replacement of Programmatic DSP targeting models. When run in A/B with the market-leading DSP models, Corvidae captured 400% more customers at 1/2 the cost. 

Why does Attribution Matter? 

  • Digital marketing is the dominant form of marketing activity globally. In the US, $151 billion was spent online in 2020 compared to $107 billion offline. By 2023, digital will be 2/3rds of all marketing spend in the US, EMEA & APAC. 
  • 93% of online spend is going to two siloed digital channels: Facebook & Google. They have their own measurement and reporting systems, and they don't interoperate without effective attribution.

Benefits of Corvidae 

  • Corvidae’s VLA approach is unique to the market, and is the only attribution approach that allows accurate unbundling of Google and Facebook activity.
  • We have found that typically 22% of Google and Facebook digital marketing campaigns return less attributed revenue than their cost, when viewed with Corvidae. Reallocating that spend into the highest performing campaign delivered an immediate $1.7m in our latest case study. 
  • Optimising across digital and traditional channels, in another recent case study, Corvidae returned a ROI of 40:1
  • Corvidae deploys entirely in Azure, and can feed directly into Dynamic’s Dataverse.
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