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A digital adoption platform to provide in-app guidance and support for applications and softwares

Whatfix provides enterprises with a Software Platform that allows them to create Interactive Guides or Flows that sit as an overlay inside any web application. Flows are Contextual - appear based on where you are in the application (location) and who you are (role). 
Whatfix Flows help with a new user onboarding, ongoing customer support and training and result in Accelerated Product Adoption. 
  • Technology: Whatfix authoring platform offers the easiest way to create content. Our intelligent segmentation feature automatically contextualizes flows based on location without any rules or configuration. Algorithmic element detection provides the ability to define walkthrough steps without having to use advanced rules like CSS/jQuery selectors.
  • Self-hosted deployment: For customers with very stringent security requirements, Whatfix offers the option to host our content on a customer’s self-hosted environment with no connection to public clouds. Whatfix content can be hosted on a customer’s web server or CDN.
  • Omnichannel experience: Whatfix is not a “walled garden”. We integrate with all your existing knowledge bases (KBs) and repositories.

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