Call2Teams for PBX with Phone App

por Destiny Automate Ltd

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Connect Microsoft Teams users to your current PBX and deliver Teams app for calling.

Easily connect your existing PBX phone service to Microsoft Teams. No hardware or software required. 

Running on Microsoft Azure, Call2Teams is a cloud-native, middleware product that sits between your current PBX and Microsoft Teams. There is no need to port numbers, change carrier, or replace an existing phone system. 

Call2Teams with Phone App voice-enables Teams for occasional phone users.  

Call2Teams with Phone App is a more cost-effective voice experience, with simpler license management. Phone App users can coexist in the same organisation as full Microsoft Phone System users, providing a choice for organisations when enabling Microsoft Teams calling for all.  

Call2Teams with Phone App is most suitable:​ 
  • For ‘light’ voice users​ 
  • As a companion to an existing PBX as it relies upon features provided by the customer's existing phone service.​ 
  • For organizations that want to voice-enable everyone, but where different cohorts have different patterns of use​ 
  • For smaller resource constrained organizations who use Microsoft Teams and who need voice​ 

Call2Teams with Phone App is most suitable as a companion to an existing PBX, as it relies upon features provided by the customer’s existing phone service such as call divert features.

E911 and emergency calling compliance and functionality must be provided by existing PBX or Trunk service if this capability is needed in Phone App. 

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