Climate Smart

por Radicle Inc.

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Data and training for businesses looking to profitably reduce their carbon footprint.

Climate Smart Certification is an award-winning training program that helps small and medium businesses in every industry create a greenhouse gas inventory, then devise a GHG emissions reduction plan to take action and make change.

  • Cut costs

    Energy, fuel, and waste savings can have big financial impact. In a good way. Check out the numbers.

  • Cut carbon

    Be the company that makes the effort to emit less bad stuff. See the data for yourself.

  • Future-proof your business

    Adapt to changing tides, mitigate risk and cultivate positive environmental outcomes.

  • Build in-house skills and cultivate leaders

    Give your team the tools to steer environmental and community initiatives long into the future.

  • Make it a community effort

    Work alongside other Climate Smart-certified businesses to tackle ambitious climate change targets.

  • Measure what matters

    Attain carbon footprint metrics for reports, RFPs, and bids, plus solid numbers for complementary assessments like BCorpGreen Marine, and ISO.

Over the course of 4 to 6 months, we will guide you from “How do we start?” to “Wow, we have a solid plan, real data, and support to achieve our carbon goals!”

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