Intelligent Workplace - LiveTiles QnA Bot

por RDA

LiveTiles QnA Bot

RDA provides an easy-to-use platform built on top of the Azure QnA and LUIS services. It provides a way to quickly build out the QnA bots, as well as providing deeper integration services using other Azure Services such as Microsoft Flow and LogicApps. The LiveTiles platform also provides analytic services to monitor what questions are being asked by the chatbot users, and if the proper answers are being delivered.

RDA will provide the development expertise involved in collecting the requirements pertaining to the chatbots, and building out and deploying the chatbots. RDA will also provide support to include: ongoing addition of new QnA questions that are uncovered after the initial deployment, analysis and recommendations for additional integration opportunities with various backend systems, monitoring and reporting of asked questions and standard platform support for the environment.

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