Recordsure Voice

por Record Sure Ltd

Game-changing speech analytics for regulated industries

Our Voice product suite has been to support a wide variety of use cases around speech analytics. Supported by our industry-leading AI technology, the Recordsure platform delivers unrivalled tools to support teams through every stage of the review process.

The products are modular in design, with different configurations designed to tackle a range of challenges facing regulated organisations:

    • Triage - Automatically determine whether or not a conversation or case is relevant to the wider review enabling teams to focus only on relevant content
    • Classify - Segment conversations by advanced themes the same way a human reviewer would, e.g. recommendations, due diligence and fact finds
    • Assure - Automatically gauge the risk of a record based on advanced anomaly detection and elevate significant events for human follow up action
    • Extract - Automatically draw key facts and rich data from conversations so they can be input into records and other IT systems

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