por REDNT S.A.

Complete framework for fast and automated building of IoT platforms.

Building a complete Industry 4.0 solution providing digital transformation of machines manufacturers as well as industrial facilities utilizing those machines was never before that easy.

MOLOS.CLOUD framework provides all necessary components for fast and cost effective connecting data streams from machines, robots and OT infrastructure with the Microsoft Azure cloud, creating graphical representation of the processes, providing data analysis and remote maintenance from a web or mobile application assuring the delay close to 1 second of online data access.

How MOLOS.CLOUD works?

Connect to any machine, robot or OT infrastructure (PLC/HMI/DCS/SCADA), use a predefined Microsoft Azure cloud subscription with a data flow management and drag&drop configuration and enjoy web and mobile application for graphical data representation and ready to use API to integrate with other corporate solutions like Sharepint, Field Services or Power BI.

MOLOS.CLOUD can be branded to work as the IoT platform of the machines manufacturer. You provide the service and the brand, we provide the technology behind it.


  • Situational awareness - Real time data access allows you to judge if the process is performing in the proper way and machines utilized efficiently
  • New business models - Provide additional digital services for your own clients , enhancing at the same time customer satisfaction due to improved maintenance
  • Maintenance cost reduction - Reduce your service and maintenance costs up to 30% by applying remote management and predictive maintenance

  • Data acquisition edge software
  • High scalability due to use of microservices (no VM needed)
  • Fast access to the current data measurements (up to 1 second)
  • Azure Storage Account optimized for telemetry data
  • Online Drag&Drop editor (online SCADA/Dashboards)
  • Expressions and data manipulation from UI
  • Advanced charts and graphs for historical data analysis
  • Microsoft Sharepoint integration
  • Microsoft PowerBI and xls integration
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Mobile app (iOS, Android) for incident notification

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