Argonaut Track & Trace by RedViking

por RedViking

Solution enabling real-time collection and validation of data, supporting active control & reporting

Track and Trace by RedViking is a standard Argonaut Application which collects and validates production information from the factory floor in real-time. A distributed application, Track and Trace coordinates Bill of Material, Process and specification data from external systems to aid and ensure quality during the manufacture of valuable components throughout discrete manufacturing processes.

With built in communications supporting plant floor PLCs, OPC-UA and API access, plant engineers, IT and Operators work in synchronization to automate data traceability. Argonaut creates serial numbers, tracks component utilization and part marriages for serialized and batch processes, collecting all data from manufacturing and assembly processes.  This information may be utilized to gate-check parts online, backflush ERP, check specifications or trend process information; supporting AI and machine learning applications.

Argonaut provides a rich set of reports out of the box, including:
  • Part Report: All data and parts utilized in an assembly
  • Marriage Search: Where a component or batch of components was used
  • Process Analytics: Trending any collected data over time
  • Operation Reporting: All Data from a specific location
  • Validations Report: All calls used to Gate check parts

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