Argonaut Industry 4.0 on MEC

por RedViking

Operational transformation with agile Tracking, Traceability and Production Monitoring Solution

RedViking, a manufacturing solutions provider with a 40 year track record of leading manufacturing solutions, is supporting our customers with solutions to leverage proven technologies in pursuit of total quality control, increased productivity, and maximal efficiency across all operations; automated and manual. Our Argonaut platform enables the digital definition of processes, equipment and personal, allowing operators to be guided through tasks and for all production, while equipment performance data is also monitored. Date becomes actionable. All stakeholders are supported with real-time visibility into the how they, their tools and machines, are performing today, and how they perform better tomorrow.

The Argonaut platform by RedViking is scalable to support deployments of all sizes. Our emphasis is in the support of manufacturing industries, with customers including Automotive and Heavy Truck OEMs, Traditional and Electronic Powertrain, Off-Highway vehicles and Aerospace and Defense customers. We specialize in industrial communications, leveraging Microsoft’s MEC platform to enable edge based networks and application loads to solve intricate networking and response time constraints facing our customers in the most time and data sensitive areas. Argonaut provides full traceability and error-proofing of processes, increasing operator and machine productivity while capturing and analyzing data in real-time to enable the continuous improvement in operations.

Key features include:

  • Material Definition: Clearly define what parts are produced and what variations are possible. Models and more complicated option-content based options.
  • Process Definition: Intuitive system for configuration of processes required to produce quality products. Processes defines required inputs (from specification) and outputs (data collection). Processes enable gate-check operations.
  • Specification Definition: Clearly define what it means to run a process successfully. Specifications include set points, calculations, and validations.
  • Clear Reporting: Always understand the status of operations, including:
    • Who – Employee responsible for each process operation or data collection
    • What – What processes have been completed, and what is still remaining
    • Where – Understand what line or piece of equipment performed each task
    • When – Events are tied to timestamp and relevant shift information
    • Why – Specification selection criteria and operator input if process is manually overridden
  • Distributed Edge Compute: Automated operations are captured with an innovative edge solution to enable always-on reaction to plant floor transactions. Sub-second response times are the norm for demanding applications.
  • No-Code Operator UIs: Build use-case specific web based User Interfaces to collect information and run on the floor processes such as error proofing and work instructions.
  • MQTT Sparkplug Communications: Connect to automation devices including PLCs, DC Electric Torque Tools, Barcode scanners, generic TCP/UDP sockets and much more using RedViking’s configurable off-the shelf drivers
  • User Management: Configurable ACL based permission system allows for role based permissions to ensure compliance. Users may be offered differing roles based upon authentication method (e.g. limited permissions via badge scan authentication)

About RedViking

RedViking provides turnkey systems incorporating capital equipment and software to support a manufacturing evolution to a more agile and greener future. Our Testing & Assembly Systems are engineered to be flexible, supporting more complexity, incorporating regenerative energy systems enhancing sustainability. Our AGVs enable manufacturers to increase agility providing dynamic routing and bolt-on tooling for expanded use-cases. As Tier 1 supplier to fortune 500 companies, RedViking solutions are deployed around the globe.

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