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A remote video collaboration solution with intelligent routing and cloud-based incident management.

REFLEKT Remote is the “one-button solution” that connects technicians on site with the right support experts and allows real-time video support with augmented reality. RE’FLEKT’s intelligent routing technology identifies and connects technicians directly with a support expert - via smartphone, tablet or data glasses. The expert can assist the field technician by simply drawing steps or placing visual instructions. The platform provides technicians with access to a global database of issues already resolved to accelerate repair and maintenance processes. REFLEKT Remote significantly improves maintenance, repair and support processes and reduces costs for local experts.


  1. Eliminate expert travel costs with ‘see what I see’ remote functionality.
  2. Connect instantly to the right expert and information.
  3. Reduce down-time costs with real-time expert support.
  4. Improve communication with AR annotations on live video stream.
  5. Build knowledge base with incident management and reporting.


KNOWLEDGE - Instant access to knowledge provides employees and customers the information they need to work faster and better.

CONNECTION - Our one-touch “Intelligent Routing” technology immediately connects technicians to the right support expert.

REPORTING - Overview of all open, in-progress and closed incidents. Filter capabilities simplify the search for issues and support cases.

WHITE LABEL - Brand REFLEKT Remote with your corporate identity. Easily brand applications with your unique logo, colors and design.

USE CASES EXPERT DIAGNOSIS & GUIDANCE - When broken parts arrive at a manufacturer’s repair center, on-site technicians often lack the training and experience to immediately diagnose and fix the problem. Experts and specialized personnel frequently need to fly in to make repairs. Using REFLEKT Remote, on-site technicians can now contact experts to diagnose and provide guidance on-demand and in real-time, even after-hours. This significantly reduces travel costs, expert labor requirements and customer downtime.

COMPONENT INSPECTIONS - A large industrial equipment distributor’s customers have to make frequent trips to the service center for equipment component inspection. These visits typically require travel and increase equipment downtime. Using REFLEKT Remote, customers perform component inspection without leaving their office, saving time and money, and improving component failure and review analysis.

GRID TECHNICIAN SAFETY - Utility field service technicians have high turnover rates with ~40% of the workforce, leaving the company on an annual basis. Worker safety is a top priority, since this line of work has high risks for injury and even death. Using REFLEKT Remote, expert technicians can remotely guide new hires in the field to ensure they complete their jobs safely and efficiently.

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