Relativity Trace

Relativity ODA LLC

Relativity Trace is your complete and secure platform for communication monitoring and surveillance.

Relativity Trace is a proactive communication monitoring application that allows you to ingest all forms of communication –including email and chat– in near real-time. Leveraging the power of machine learning, the solution immediately flags the highest risk content to your compliance officers for further review. This helps businesses in highly regulated industries detect and act on suspicious activity. Because Relativity Trace is built on top of the Relativity platform, you can leverage a single system to move from alert to investigation. Customers use Relativity Trace to tackle the simplest to the largest, most complex matters in communication monitoring and surveillance. 

  • Corporations: Relativity Trace helps corporations increase business efficiency while also preventing financial risk and reputational damage by identifying market abuse, insider trading, collusion and other high risk activity through all channels of communication.
  • Service Providers: Relativity Trace gives service providers the most flexible and powerful platform to serve their clients and solve their surveillance challenges, at the lowest cost. 

Relativity Trace brings the entire process of compliance monitoring to e-discovery together in one extensible platform, connected to your organization’s most sensitive data—and supported by the community of experts you need to untangle it all. With the latest in advanced searching and analytics, machine learning, and visualizations all built in, Relativity Trace helps organizations detect acts of misconduct as it happens and before it escalates.

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