ATELIER - Pos allows to manage physical and virtual stores in an innovative and omnichannel way

ATELIER - Pos is a cloud interface for sales: intuitive, 100% touch screen and customizable for Store Owners, Store Managers and Sales Staff.

Stock update is in real time on the entire company network of stores with the possibility of reserving items found in other stores/warehouses.

The interface is international and localized: it is available in multiple languages, multiple tax zones and multiple currencies.
The management is complete and suitable for all types of fashion retail companies: from multibrand and monobrand stores, to franchising and large chains.

It manages all types of handling, in addition to simple sales operations
• Discounts and promotional campaigns
• Reserving and trying on at home
• Tailoring
• Vouchers
• Gift Card
• Customer returns
• Returns to supplier
• Inventory
• Transfers
• …

The most strategic aspect is that the store is fully interconnected with the company's omnichannel management.
An integrated alert system signals the arrival of online orders from the ecommerce site and from the marketplaces, providing the staff with item lists with photos for precise and timely picking and shipping, up to the printing of the invoice and waybill.

Many further specific features can be added like the management of different profiles of Cash operators, Staff, Managers and Employees.
ATELIER - Pos interfaces with numerous types of Cash Registers while managing Electronic Receipts and Electronic Invoicing. Tax Free is also easy to implement by integrating the main systems.

The fundamental and essential advantages of ATELIER - Pos are:
- User friendly interface
- Complete set of all necessary features
- Omnichannel integration

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