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Smart AI analytics procurement platform used by large ASX companies to find savings and insights

Providing a 360-degree view of your suppliers, and any potential risks they harbour, Robobai’s industry-leading intelligent technology platform acts as an online guardian and buying oracle for your company.



The solution:

Combining four, interconnected analytics platforms – Risk, Compliance, Spend and Contracts – our ‘Know Your Supplier’ 360-degree overview will provide you with the insights you need, making it easier to visualise spend, understand risk and select suppliers based on value and principles rather than just price.  

 A cost-effective, results-driven, and easily implemented solution, the platform will digitally transform your entire supplier network: not only does it manage spend, but it also ensures that you are minimizing risk and reducing potential harm simultaneously.

Flying blind? Need to reduce costs and turn endless data into targeted savings insights? Or sift through, and analyze reams of supplier data, helping you to uncover ‘maverick’ spend, optimize payment terms, and find cost savings, fast.

Download this case study here on how a major food and beverage company unlocks millions in cost savings opportunities and 100 x ROI in the first year.

Our Spend Diagnostic can also help you quickly and accurately analyze your supplier spend, identify cost saving opportunities and optimize your organization's buying power - saving you anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars per year. You can find out more here. 

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