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R&S®Trusted Gate Azure Solution for Office365™

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH

R&S®Trusted Gate Azure Solution for Office365™

Key benefits:

  • Highly flexible Cloud Encryption Gateway
  • Data centric security solution
  • Transparent encryption of sensitive data
  • Virtual data without content for transparent integration in existing workflows
  • Chunks of the encrypted data can be stored on all major public clouds, on premises or any Software Defined Storage
  • Secure full-text search for encrypted documents
  • High Security Made in Germany


R&S®Trusted Gate is a data centric high security solution. It transparently encrypts the data & fragments the original data into chunks while using a virtual file for running existing workflows. The secured documents are still full-text searchable for authorized users.

The chunks of encrypted data can be stored on cloud services, on premises or on any Software-defined storage. This enables R&S®Trusted Gate customers to comply with existing regulations and to keep high-sensitive data within a defined region. In addition, customers can use R&S®Trusted Gate as a Multi-Layer Cloud Storage service to gain high flexibility in using different cloud storages on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud to find the most cost-effective solution for their requirements.

R&S®Trusted Gate architecture is based on microservices. That offers great flexibility when using containers or Standard-VMs. Therefor the customer can decide to run the services on premises or in the cloud. With a hybrid cloud deployment the customer can define his aspired security level. To use R&S®Trusted Gate on premises or with containers please contact R&S Cybersecurity.

R&S®Trusted Gate is a Cloud Data Encryption Gateway - highly flexible, easy to use, based on a modern microservices architecture. High security made in Germany.


R&S®Trusted Gate offers following solutions:

  • Office365 Encryption
  • Cloud-based (Azure Marketplace) in your own subscription
  • Classic Experience Addin (incl. Project Rooms and Fulltext Search)
  • New Experience Addin (incl. Fulltext Search)
  • Partner API - REST + SOAP APIs
  • Mass Import Tool
  • Multi-layer cloud storage providers (SharePoint, Azure Storage, GCS and Amazon S3)
  • Secure Audit with 4-eyes principle
  • Secure Fulltext Search (FTS)
  • External IAM
  • External Authentication
  • HSM integration (PKCS11, reference: Utimaco HSM)
  • Firecall Tool