Sales Analysis & Forecasting Tool

por SAFIO Solutions

Comprehensive Forecasting Platform for Inventory Optimization

The forecasting and data analytics software from SAFIO Solutions helps companies optimize inventory and cash flow through improved forecasting and demand planning.  Utilizing a proprietary platform, SAFIO Solutions integrates a client’s vital data into a single, convenient and user-friendly interface, one that is intuitive to the information a planner needs to make impactful and efficient decisions, because it was developed by a planner.  Get the vision, efficiency and analytics needed to improve forecasting, align inventory to demand and enhance profitability.

SAFIO Solutions provides:

  • Connectivity for multiple channels like marketplaces, accounting software, marketing apps, 3PLs, and any ERP system
  • Demand Forecasting with Alerts for Opportunities & Liabilities
  • Data Visualization Analytics & Dashboards for Business Intelligence 
  • Purchase Order Capabilities
  • 12 Dynamic Attributes for Best Analysis

The SAFIO Solutions platform helps companies of all sizes improve their overall operational performance; whether an e-commerce business, an omni-channel distribution model, or an enterprise organization, the forecasting process is made efficient and effective.  No more wasted time on cutting and pasting, V-lookups and multiple spreadsheets.  SAFIO Solutions connects and gathers all channels and vital data into the Sales Analysis & Forecasting platform.  An easy to use interface displays all information needed to make effective forecasting and buying/purchasing decisions on one screen.  Customized visualization dashboards and reports are included for quick insights to the overall business or a deep-dive into the details.  Expert planners on staff help guide through the integration and on-boarding process, provide training and offer assistance.  The SAFIO Solutions forecasting platform will save time and money, help to improve KPI’s and provide ROI in a short amount of time.

Gain the confidence to forecast simply, efficiently and accurately.

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