SAP Commissions for Dynamics 365

por SAP Customer Experience

SAP Commissions is a leading end-to-end solution for incentive compensation management.

SAP Commissions streamlines incentive compensation management, distribution, approval, and workflow, reducing overhead and maximizing plan effectiveness. Leveraging out-of-the-box AI, business users can optimize outcomes and deliver more value, faster.
Sales Ops & Finance:
Empower admins to quickly create, refine, and distribute effective commissions plans without IT. Eliminate over-payments and quickly address disputes with 1-click traceability. Leverage built-in credit management to model new plans faster and trace any change with end-to-end auditability.
Ensure correct calculations with pervasive effective dating and run calculations without locking out other users.
Model changes, estimate financial impact, and optimize before deploying.
Increase sales productivity with role-based dashboards delivered seamlessly across devices.
Promote the right sales behaviors with SPIFFS, accelerators, bonuses, and release commissions on any schedule.
Motivate sales with a self-service commission calculator and streamline plan acceptance.
Empower reps with transparent commissions and full dispute tracability.

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