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Asset Insider is an asset management application to extend and maximize lifecycle of your assets

Asset Insider is a comprehensive business solution to extend and maximize the lifecycle of your assets and reduce the associated costs.

End-to-End Smart App: Asset Insider is a complete solution to manage various categories of assets that are purchased, leased, rented, provisioned or sold to customers. On one hand assets are one of the companies’ revenue stream boosters, on the other hand they generate significant operational costs due to stockpiling, maintenance, repairs, losses, timeouts, waste production, lack of information, low utilization, etc. The goal of Asset Insider to increase the margin between the added value of the assets and the operational costs related to them.

Assets to Manage: The spectrum of assets you can manage – from small cost generators to heavy machinery. They might be current or fixed, tangible but also subscription based or leased, operating or non-operating: Light Industrial Equipment | Heavy Machinery | Production Lines & Machines | Warehouse Equipment & Tools | Vehicles & Transportation Equipment | IT & Office Equipment | Other Devices & Electronics

Industries in Focus: Utilities & Telecommunications | Transportation & Logistics | Equipment Rentals | Leasing Companies | Construction | Facility Management | Maintenance Services | Manufacturing | Heavy Equipment & Vehicles Dealerships

Benefits & Added Value of Asset Insider

  • Have full control over the assets that generate costs for the company
  • Reduce maintenance and operational expenditures and decrease procurements costs
  • Extend the lifecycle of the assets and ensure maximum uptime
  • Level-up the responsibility of the ones who should take care of assets assigned to them
  • Own a state-of-the-art bizapp that works perfectly as it is, but have the option to build company specifics on top
  • Utilize more than 250 standard, premium and custom connectors to other products and services
  • Entering the world of low-code apps means no more worries about infrastructure, security & compliance
  • Pay what you use and what you need with flexible per user & per of assets pricing
  • The app users’ feedback is crucial part of roadmap of the product. The customers’ voice matters!

Capabilities of Asset Insider

  • Assets 360 & Full Lifecycle Management
  • Multiple Categories
  • Locations
  • Movements & Tracking
  • Condition & Usage Monitoring
  • Warranty & Insurance
  • Components & Repairs
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Notifications, Reports & Analytics
  • Integrations

Low-Code Application: We use Microsoft Power Platform, its key player PowerApps, and the rest of the crew: Power Automate, CDS, AI Builder, Portals, Connectors, low-code and custom code.

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