Azure Sentinel Proof of Value (PoV) - FREE


Azure Sentinel Easy-to-Use Automated PoV Portal - Free 30 day Trial

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel cloud native SIEM can now be configured with this unique 30 day free trial platform created by Satisnet where dashboards and rules can be tailored to suit your Use Cases and business needs. Then using a simple menu driven wizard to help you pre populate it with just the log sources required and automatically provision them ready for you to start evaluating and using immediately, and at no cost.

You also get access to leading Microsoft Security SOC experts to aid with your evaluation together with advanced features within Azure Sentinel and most importantly experience your own data, processes, and procedures within the platform. In addition Satisnet have offered live contact during the free trial via their 24x7 SOC service with frequent SOC incident response reviews during the free trial to enable tuning of alerts, dashboards and rules.

The PoV Automator also includes SOCAutomation’s Phishing Detection Response (PDR), an O365 integrated Email Threat Hunting platform that inspects all emails at scale and  uses machine learning to determine any malicious content, flagging this in Azure Sentinel, and triaging any issues and performing clean-up across mailboxes. Phishing is still by far the largest threat SIEM’s and SOC’s have to deal with, Sentinel and PDR automates and scales to solve the issue.

There’s also a cost modeller built into the portal enabling an accurate cost calculation for your environment showing you both initial costs and on an ongoing basis. This truly is an opportunity for organisations to sample a world leading SIEM platform at no cost, and with minimal resource.

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