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Saviant Student Analytics Platform (SSAP)

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Predict Dropout Risks and Improve Graduation Rates for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions face a wide range of challenges, which includes improving student’s academic performance, overall learning experience and monetary loss due to student withdrawal early from their courses.

As the students come from different educational backgrounds, academic strengths & weaknesses, cultural influences and significant learning patterns. You need to consider these factors to identify key performance indicators of students in-order to predict their performance and improve the academic experience.

SSAP is designed to tackle this problem. It provides a range of analytical and predictive capabilities that enables universities to predict their valuable funding.

Universities can perform analytics on students’ data for performance assessment scores, attendance records and overall participation, to extract valuable insights. This helps in revealing critical information about their current academic performance and help identify potential profiles who are unlikely to meet academic KPIs. With this, we can identify students who would require extra assistance in-order to improve their performance and reduce drop-out numbers.


Derive potential drop-out student profiles and their academics’ strengths & weaknesses.

Analyze historical data to gain deeper insights on past performance, their strengths & weaknesses. Predict which applicants or students are at a high risk of withdrawing.


Get clear visibility of assessment scores, grades, attendance records and comparative analysis to identity drop out possibilities and more

Get a unified view of the student’s KPIs such as assessment scores, attendance records and grades to identify the underperforming areas. 


Get critical insights on student’s attendance to track their active participation across classrooms, events and extra-curricular activities.

Get a clear visibility of assessment scores, grades, attendance records and comparative analysis to identity drop out possibilities and more to strengthen education system.


Easy integration with student management systems, LIMS and other academic databases.


Easy to customize and setup for varying needs of different academic institutions.