Martello iQ


Martello iQ is a service monitoring and analytics platform allowing companies to streamline IT ops

Martello iQ is a service monitoring and analytics platform that brings together metrics and events from Azure, Azure Monitor and Microsoft 365, along with data from monitoring, IT services management and business applications tools into actionable dashboards. Accessible from anywhere from any device, iQ presents a unified, end-to-end view of the infrastructure that supports critical Azure applications and services. 

Thanks to its service dashboarding feature, quickly identify the root cause of any availability or performance issue with Azure applications across your entire hybrid infrastructure, thus reducing your mean time to repair (MTTR) and ensuring the best possible user experience on Azure. 

Without requiring additional monitors, agents or probes, Martello iQ operates with integrations out-of-the-box and consolidates existing data and alert flows to present a consolidated view of the infrastructure, allowing IT departments to become service centers for Azure and hybrid cloud services. 

Measure Azure application SLAs in real-time, detect performance degradation before it starts affecting end-users, and leverage actionable data to understand the impact of any event on your business.

Martello iQ is used across every industry and provides incremental benefits for large enterprises managing multiple Azure subscriptions and/or applications for their business needs.

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