BlueThink GO


A service that allows you to access your fish farm from anywhere, anytime.

Have you ever been concerned about the conditions at your fish farm when you're not at the site? BlueThink GO, your mobile control room, lets you monitor your fish farm from anywhere, anytime. The service is packed with features such as real-time weather data, AIS data, sensor data from the cages and the long-awaited live stream service, directly from your site.

- Livestream which allows you to monitor your fish farm at any time.
- Daily generated time-lapses lets you see what has happened at your fish farm the previous days.
- Sea conditions and sensor data from the cages. These are important regarding fish welfare and feeding regime.
- Accurate weather data such as temperature, rainfall, wind speed and air pressure.
- Historical data from all sensor are displayed in graphs and can be exported to excel.
- Parameters indicating how safe it is to work from the cage or feed barge.
- The AIS module increases the safety by letting you see and be seen by vessels in the area.
- Information about IT and infrastructure at your site.


Office Manager: By using the livestream on BlueThink GO he gets a quick overview of the ongoing operations at the site. Has the service vessel arrived or is the delousing still ongoing?

Site Manager: The site manager wanting to check the condition at the site from home, since everyone is evacuated due to bad weather. Does everything look okay, how huge are the G-forces on the cages, what is the real-time wave height; can the fish farmers return to work soon?
The Fish Farmer: The fish farmer wanting to monitor the sensor data in the cages after leaving the site for the day. Is the water temperature preferable or is it so low that it will affect the feeding decisions the upcoming day? 

Immediate startup of the service: SEALAB has already purchased a custom domain for both your location and over 1000 other fish farms in Norway. Hence your personal web page can be activated in minutes.
Private page: User authentication ensures that the information on your page remains private.
Accessibility: Available on all devices thanks to a modern and responsive design.
Hardware: In order to make all functionalities of BlueThink GO available, installation of hardware is required at the location. Take contact for more information. 
Pricing: BlueThink GO is rented for a monthly fee. Take contact for more information. 

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