Cortex EIP (Enterprise Intelligence Platform)

por Semantic AI

Augment human intelligence when the value of your data ecosystem is recognized.

Cortex EIP (Enterprise Intelligence Platform) ingests, analyzes and visualizes data from ANY source to empower organizations to harness the value of their ever-changing data ecosystem.  Cortex EIP embodies the next generation of modern analytics where less time is spent configuring data, and more time is spent making accurate and intelligent decisions.  Cortex EIP is available in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.  Investigation solutions are tailored for Government (DOD, Intelligence, NGOs) and Commercial (Finance, Gaming, Casinos, Cyber, Supply Chain) applications.  Leverage the data you need, apply advanced services in the environment required, to bring you deeper contextual understanding of the situation.  Cortex EIP can help you unlock the potential of your data ecosystem to overcome real-life challenges.

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