Senseforce IIoT Data Platform

por Senseforce GmbH

Fully-managed industrial IoT stack for the machine industry

The Senseforce industrial data platform makes it simple for your entire organisation to provide data apps such as condition monitoring, customer platforms, control rooms or digital twins. Our tools are for coding and none-coding teams alike.
Senseforce has a proven and measurable impact on your profitability and customer satisfaction. We engage in the highest security standards and ultimately make you AI ready.
We lower the entry barrier for SMEs to industrial IoT by providing
- ready to use IIoT apps for you to customise, so you can save time and get a head start in your project
- ready to integrate IIoT components for service, sales and engineering departments, so your whole organisation can profit from insights into your machine data.
- low-code app enablement tools, so your domain experts are flexible and independent when analysing the data.
- fully managed, highly secure & scalable data infrastructure, so you don't have to put valuable IT resources on the tasks that don't deliver customer value. Just focus on building richt data apps.
- edge computing software for OTA retrofit to onboard existing machines parks in no time and keep cloud computing costs low.
- built on standards like OPC UA, MQTT, REST, SQL and PLSs such as S7, Beckhoff, Heidenhain, Fanuc etc. enable a plug-and-play experience for a quick and easy start.
- versioning and release management to keep track of your changes and to be set up for selling digital products.
- 24/7 support not only for tech but also for industry and business know-how, so you can be sure to implement use cases that bring value

We have your back in any phase of the project and also offer professional services when needed.

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