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por ShawMan Software Pvt. Ltd

Restaurant Table Reservation Channel Manager helping in Reservations done efficiently.

The BOT product is a Cloud-based Restaurant reservation solution, which helps the end user in managing Table Bookings in a Restaurant. 

The offering is beneficial to the Restaurant Hostess, Restaurant Manager and the Reservation team. Some of these benefits are:

  • The arduous tasks of managing the Table Inventory, along with managing the Multiple Channels is one of the Tasks which is simplified. This results in higher “Table Turn-arounds” which results in higher Revenues. 
  • Reduction in Cost and increased efficiency with ability to manage multiple 3rd Party App / Aggregators.
  • A detailed Customer Profile option is available, equipping the user to handle the Customer as per their likes / dis-likes, peculiar tastes, Spend patterns etc. 
  • Executing Promotions and Offers which are specifically targeted to a particular Customer Segment.
  • Even as the User can distribute and manage their limited, but highly perishable table inventory, it helps in a seamless operation, which would be a challenge otherwise. 

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