ShortPoint for Microsoft SharePoint

por ShortPoint FZCO

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Design extensions for SharePoint to help teams design, brand & build intranet sites with no coding

ShortPoint helps to design SharePoint sites without the hassle of coding! The only software your team needs to create innovative SharePoint sites. 

Product Features:

Page Builder

Modern digital destinations for all teams.
Use ShortPoint Page Builder to design SharePoint Intranet Pages with no coding. Your team will have all the tools they need to make their amazing ideas a reality. 

Theme Builder

An Intranet that reflects your company culture and brand.
Use ShortPoint Theme Builder to design SharePoint Intranet Themes and SharePoint Templates. All without leaving your site.


Leverage all company data in one place.

ShortPoint can read data from all your systems. It integrates with all your cloud and on-premise applications with no coding. 

Copy and Paste

If you see anything you like, just Copy & Paste! It’s that simple. 

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