Sigmax Field Service Solutions

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Field service management software to optimise your workforce

With over 13 years of experience in the field service market, Sigmax Field Service Solutions is the expert in digitising and thus optimising field service processes for service organisations. The result: more efficient work, lower costs, and a better service experience for both customers and employees. ​

Our solution

We do this with our mobile field service solution Sigmax Connect. Using this, we can support complex service processes in a user-friendly, standard solution that we can customise for service organisations. Where other standard solutions come up against configuration limits, this is precisely the flexibility we offer.


  • Sigmax Connect consists of fixed components, but it can be configured flexibly. This is our strength. We map out service processes and ensure the software supports them optimally.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • A rapid go-live due to our standard industry templates for care aids, property maintenance, installation technology, climate technology and industrial engineering.
  • Anywhere and anytime available due to offline capability.
  • Connect is very stable. Why is that? Our software consists of fixed components that have been extensively tested and optimized.
  • Better streamlined processes greatly increase the likelihood of first-time fixes. In addition, automatic notifications and the ability to immediately schedule a new appointment ensure smooth communication. With more satisfied customers as a result.


The high degree of configurability enables us to be active in a number of niches such as installation technology, care aids, climate technology, property maintenance and industrial technology. Every industry has specific processes that require a different workflow. Our standard templates for the various industries mean we offer both rapid implementation and complete support.

Supported Countries

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported languages

Connect supports multilingualism and our service desk offers international support.

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