Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting

por Silvermedia S.A.

Reduce losses - improve response to market needs by using machine learning

Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting is a solution for manufacturing-sales enterprises that wish to avoid the losses that occur when failing to respond effectively to market demand

What is Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting ?

Silvermedia Cloud Demand Forecasting is a tool that enables you to predict demand based on expert knowledge combined with machine learning. This unique combination of features helps prevent the errors and losses that occur when failing to respond effectively to market demand.

Increased availability of products for sale

  • It uses effective and accurate Machine Learning algorithms to more accurately predict demand
  • It adjusts forecasts to take into account expert knowledge
  • It ensures irmpoved forecasting accuracy

Optimized warehouse structure

  • It helps reduce level of frozen working capital
  • It reduces capacity utllisation
  • It improves distribution of products in sales-distribution chain

Reduced costs

  • It provides more effective and accurate analyses of demand, thereby giving a competitive advantage
  • It determines optimal inventory level for products
  • It ensures optimal allocation of stocks with the aim of minimising inventory stgnation

Measurable benefits

  • Accurate and transparent forecasting based on any number of data sources
  • The ability to rapidly adjust to changes and respond to irregularities in the supply chain
  • Dynamic forcasting that improve the allocation of resources in an organisation

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