Simporter SaaS

por Simporter

AI-driven demand predictions for your new & existing products.

Simporter is a Software-as-a-Service that helps marketing and product development teams answer two questions: what SKUs to launch and how? We combine Natural Language Processing with Neural Networks to analyze online textual data—ranging from social media, customer reviews, articles, etc.—then identify patterns between the textual data and sales. Simporter’s three main specialties are: 1. Separating signals from noise—most textual data is not predictive, clouding decisionmaking. With our Neural Networks, we identify the textual patterns that truly matter. 2. Scale – since Simporter is a software, scaling across an Enterprise is frictionless. We provide a secure app 24/7 that lets companies constantly verify new product demand. 3. Accuracy—more than 2x the accuracy of competition but a fraction the cost. Our dashboard shows category/marketing managers rankings of their considered launches, ranked based on revenue potential. If you double click one of the ranked products, you can view all the data that backs up that prediction, plus recommended marketing messages.

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