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SiriusIQ reduces risk and time of data migrations through Intelligent Automation

SiriusIQ is the inventor of The New Way™, a transformational process of re-engineering human-based workflows into machine-time-based workflows. The New Way process focuses on improving a variety of  work streams through Azure that includes but not limited to various migration scenarios (O365, SAP ECC6 -S4 HANA, etc), GDPR solutions, and Mergers, Acquisitions/Divestitures. The New Way™ utilizes the power of Micro-services to leverage the limitless capabilities of digital labor.

  • We can move data 7-10X's faster than anyone else
  • We can move data and maintain up to three 9's of fidelity
  • We can understand all the relationships of the data
  • We automate the move to the Azure cloud
  • We provide massive scalability
  • We deliver a secure and compliant multi-tenant hybrid & pattern

Don't just migrate, it's painful, as well as time and resource intensive. When you decide to migrate, use SiriusIQ to start your automation journey.  Digital transformation begins here.

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