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Cyber security and Privacy protection for businesses sharing data.

Smart Eye Technology attacks Cyber Security at the user level.  We authenticate user's as they operate within the enterprise environment through the user's biometric data. 
Our services protect businesses that share highly sensitive files such as financials, legal contracts, wiring instructions, employee information, new innovation ideas, and more.  Whether sharing internally with employees – working on-site or remotely, or externally with vendors or customers, Smart Eye Technology provides unprecedented data and information security.   

Smart Eye Technology eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. 
These can be easily hacked or compromised. The unique biometric imprints from your face, fingerprint, print behavior, and voice cannot be hacked or compromised.   

Complete Enterprise Identity and Access Management

Get full visibility into all documents and activities on those shared in the platform whether they are internal or external to your organization    
Restrict communications outside the organization to only those you approve of and build your “Private Pond” of authorized organizations. Block out unauthorized communications with undesired or unknown entities

e-Signatures & Contracts

Smart Eye Technology is the only e-signature platform that offers identity assurance with biometric verification.

Facial recognition authenticates and logs the identity of the person signing the document 
Signatures are time-stamped 
E-signatures are secure, easy and legally binding
Additional validation compares the user to a photo ID on file, ensuring that only the intended signer can complete the form. 

Continuous Biometric Authentication
Unlike other solutions that utilize one-time log-in verification, Smart Eye Technology uses continuous facial recognition authentication for as long as a document is open in the platform.

If you walk away from your device or your face goes undetected, a warning sign pops up to prevent unauthorized viewing
If an unauthorized face is captured looking at the document on your screen, a warning sign pops up to block their view and alert you
Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication
Self-Protecting Data Technology + AES 256
Advanced Enterprise Governance

Policy Enforcement:

Smart Eye Technology enforces enterprise-level policies on data and information security management 

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