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Functionally Rich, Rapidly Deployed, Low Monthly Cost Demand Planning Tool on the Cloud

Using Forecast Fast, Planners can produce an improved and reliable demand forecast, the starting point for all the subsequent planning activities.

Forecast Fast utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud giving you the ability to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Operational and scalability issues are resolved
  • Performance barriers disappear
  • On-site infrastructure and systems are removed as well as the resources required to maintain them
  • Data and processes are streamlined
  • Cap-ex costs are significantly reduced, providing your business with predictable op-ex costs
  • Business continuity and site replication are improved, without increasing the IT team
  • Your technological solutions are future-proofed

Demand Planner/Manager & Supply Chain Manager/Director have seen:

  • Increased Forecast Accuracy
  • Increased Customer Service Levels
  • Reduced Production & Procurement Costs
  • Reduced Risk of Lost Sales Due to Stock Out
  • Quicker Response to Market Demands (visibility and rapid re-planning option)

Key Features:

  • ABC and XYZ Classification for filtering and sorting
  • Best Fit Statistical Forecasting considering Forecast Types where the system selects the best algorithm within Forecast Type:
  • Replenishment
  • Safety Stock
  • MRP
  • Reorder Point

Forecast Fast will fit your business needs, whatever the size or sector, there is a plan to suit your requirements and budget and you can add more functionality as you need it. All details are included in the “Plans+Pricing tab”.

Upon purchase, by clicking the "Buy Now" button and signing up to Forecast Fast you will be gifted a 30-day free trial and a member of the Forecast Fast team will be in touch to help you get started with your Forecasting Solution.

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