Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


Softools No code - ESG strategy for Net-Zero, supply chain, opportunities for improvement, outcomes

The Softools ESG Accelerator is a digital platform running in a secure and scalable web platform that enables an organisation to: 1) set their ESG strategy, 2040 goals and get key stakeholders engaged, 2) to assess and prioritise opportunities for improvement and to deliver Net-Zero, 3) to execute actions to deliver outcomes and align their supply chain, and 4) to effectively control the programme – delivering effective real-time visibility and control to the ESG Review Board and external stakeholders.

- Softools ESG Accelerator™ works seamlessly between phones and computers, as well as offline.

- No internet? No problem. Softools ESG Accelerator™ uploads your changes when a connection returns. Remote site access at all times from your pocket.

- Get visibility of key opportunities. Use the information at your fingertips to drive decisions, actions and outcomes.

- Track Suppliers and Buildings to establish your complete Carbon Footprint with audits

- Use AI to identify carbon footprint reduction ideas from industry best practices.

Key Features of the Softools platform

  • Softools is an enterprise-grade, secure and scalable platform
  • Softools accelerates your Digital Transformation agenda by removing the bottleneck and dependency on IT resources.
  • Softools has a library of over 100 off-the-shelf apps which can be used As Is or can accelerate your implementation. to see the list.
  • Apps are instantly secure, scalable, integrated, mobile and offline. All run with the same great user interface.
  • Combine apps to share data, perform lookups or have transactional and parent Apps (e.g. Customer & invoices) to produce complex systems with zero code.
  • Solve the issue of Shadow IT by building Apps to replace legacy / 3rd party apps or Excel-based critical business issues.

Existing Clients and typical Uses

Softools is trusted by large companies such as Coca-Cola, Honda, and KPMG, along with small/medium-sized businesses and Non Profits globally.

Review from one of our App Builders.... see more here

We have managed to build 3 brand new applications from the ground up and have been provided with excellent support at every stage. Product is easy to use, relatively easy to build, integrates well with existing systems and new innovations are being integrated into the apps all the time. Customer service is brilliant.


Softools can be integrated into other systems using APIs, which are ideal for addressing business processes that ERP systems miss and add value to emerging technologies such as IoT and AI by quickly enabling workflow to fuse outputs from these technologies into the business process.

Automate connections with ERP systems like SAP with data going in either direction as required

Automate data send to dashboarding systems like Tableau, Power BI etc

Help and Support

Extensive support available online at

Short video on the Softools platform

Next Steps

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