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Span PDP provides tools to help organizations beat the GDPR labyrinth and attain compliance

The basic objective of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to protect individuals and their personal data, and provide security to organizations which gather and process these data. Even though it will become effective as of 25 May 2018, many organizations still do not comply with its provisions.

Simplify the alignment of your operations with the GDPR with the help of Span Personal Data Protector (PDP) application.

According to the GDPR, all information on the processing of personal data, data subjects, personal data storage systems, consent from data subjects, requests and incidents must be in one place.

Span Personal Data Protector does just that! With the help of Span PDP, an organization manages:

-processing of personal data and consent from data subjects -requests from data subjects concerning exercise of their rights under the GDPR -incidents tied to infringements of personal data

Through an intuitive interface, the application allows users to monitor the entire course of recording the processing of personal data, from entry to granting and withdrawing consent, depending on the user's role.

The data protection officer/application administrator:
- enters data via an administrative interface (data subjects, storage systems, types of personal data, processing category) - administers requests and incidents - in case of oversight, has all records of personal data processing, requests and incidents in one place - helps category administrators and all other users when using the application

The data subject (employees, clients, partners):
- sees all processing of personal data in one place - may grant or withdraw consent for processing, for which consent is the legal basis - may send requests for exercise of the rights stipulated by the GDPR and keep track of its resolution

The processing category administrator (head of department or operating unit or some other employee): - monitors the life-time of the processing and status of consent- participates, as needed, in other tasks tied to records of processing and management of requests and incidents

The application fully covers the needs of small and medium-size organizations, while the enterprise version facilitates integration with other IT systems.Accessible in on-premises or cloud versions, depending on the organization's needs.The interface comes in the Croatian, English and Slovenian languages, and it supports multilingual processing.

The actual application of Span Personal Data Protector proceeds in several steps: - analysis of the organization's operating needs and specific aspects- installation and configuration of Span PDP- education of key users - integration of Span PDP with other IT systems

After successful implementation, we ensure ongoing technical and consulting services.

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