Spira ORP

por Spira Data Corp.

One solution for field data collection including safety, field tickets, invoicing & payroll

Spira’s ORP™ consists of distinct but interrelated parts used together or independently decreasing resources required to efficiently & effectively complete work that is distributed in the field for oilfield, construction, logistics and global oil and gas operators sharing timely, accurate, data. In a world where margins are critical, Spira’s products decrease the cost of executing widely distributed field work, decreasing the resources required to complete the work, and drive increased profits. Spira Connect Digital Transformation of Supply Chain - Used by E&P operators & prime contractors to digitally create & send POs & work orders for internal & external work to the right suppliers & departments based on detailed catalogs, MSAs & pricing. - Digitally receive invoices & field tickets containing financial & operational data for automated validation & approval workflow Spira Field Services Digital Transformation of Field Operations - Used by field service companies to proactively monitor, manage & audit all company activities from bid to invoice by capturing, validating & distributing revenue, cost, & compliance information from the field & office for personnel, equipment, materials to quickly & accurately produce invoices & backup required Spira On Time Digital Transformation of Facility Scheduling - Used by E&P operators & prime contractors to share scheduling & dispatch duties with multiple suppliers & departments for deliveries, personnel, & work for a variety of needs within multiple locations - Proactively confirms all individuals’ certification and competency Spira LiveJobsite Digital Transformation of Site Management - Used by E&P operators, prime contractors and field service management. Proactively monitors, manages and audits the access of personnel, equipment and materials to facilities, sites, areas and locations - distributing administration and compliance requirements to those who are responsible

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