StaffCircle- Culture & Performance Management tool

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Internal Comms, Culture, Recognition, Employee Engagement and Performance Management Platform

Connect your entire workforce with a multi-channel Internal Communications, Culture and Performance Management 

Internal Comms & Culture

Designed for organisations needing to spread culture, internal communication and performance management to large populations of office, home based and front-line employees. Mix both Office365 / AD users with non-desk-based users who have no IT access. Helps with managing your remote staff through the COVID-19 lockdowns. Also enables you to communicate and report separately with furloughed employees

Performance Management

StaffCircle provides Companies with the ability to connect digitally with every worker, drive better performance through KPI Objectives, continuous performance feedback, One2Ones and 360 Appraisal Management and enable digital workflow even when they have no IT assets. StaffCircle is built and runs natively on Azure and is designed for medium and large corporate and enterprise organisations.

StaffCircle is suitable for many industry verticals however Professional Services, Manufacturing and Civil Engineering are our primary sectors.

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