Joint AI Research Video Instances & Streams-JARVIS

por Staqu Technologies Private Limited

JARVIS is an AI-powered video analytics tool aimed towards enhancing security, safety & compliance

Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams (JARVIS) is AI-powered video analytics created by Staqu Technologies tools equipped with a fully functional Video Management System (VMS) and various AI modules including:

    • Thermal Imaging integration for Fever Detection
    • PPE Detection
    • Hygiene Compliance Detection
    • Crowd Monitoring
    • Standard Operating Procedure adherence
    • Footfall analysis
    • Heatmap analysis
    • Productivity analysis
    • Virtual Wall Creation and Object Flow Tracking
    • Violence Detection
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • Fire and Smoke Detection
    • Camera Tampering Detection
    • Vehicle Detection, Tracking & Wrong Direction Movement Alerts
    • Unidentified Object Detection
    • Queue Management
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Social Distancing Detection
    • Customer Demographics Analysis
    • Facial Recognition based Attendance Management
    • Exhaustive Video Management System with NxN video wall support, DVR recordings, and streaming 
    • Customized Event of Interest Creation
    • Detailed Audit Reports and Empirical Data Analysis
    • Global Healthcheck of CCTVs
    • User Role Management and Secure Sign-in
    • User Logging for Security Audits
    • Audit Reporting 
Our Customers
JARVIS is sought after by the Facility Managers, Security Incharges, Admins/HR teams and various other stakeholders in an organization. JARVIS’ AI modules can be used by ops in charge and other personnel to ensure that there is an increase in efficiency and also adherence to company-wide norms and procedures.

Advantages of using JARVIS
In the current scenario, surveillance through CCTVs are mostly considered for post-event analysis and used passively. Alternatively, a large number of security-staff are deployed in the command control-room to watch every CCTV stream on a video wall and report any suspicious activities manually via phone call or email. But for large-scale monitoring tasks, this system fails tremendously because of workforce limitations and the myriad of human errors that the system is prone to.  Automation has to be applied in order to scale and Staqu’s JARVIS solution ensures that this can be achieved without replacing the existing monitoring infra.

Current Limitations
  • It is nearly impossible to manually monitor hundreds and thousands of CCTV cameras across multiple screens 24x7 to ensure 360-degree security and compliance across norms
  • Existing CCTV cameras as well as Video Management Softwares (VMS) are not smart in nature and don’t have the capability to intelligently identify suspicious activities and give real-time security alerts

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