EazyStock GO - finally you can get a grip on your stock

SucceedIT B.V.

EazyStock GO offers you more control over your stock, a better delivery rate and satisfied customers

This application is available only in the Netherlands. 

Stock sometimes seems elusive and uncontrollable. Especially in times when demand can strongly decrease or increase. In addition, there are various interests internally, from a sales perspective you want to have a lot in stock and from a financial perspective you don’t. Your current system does not offer good functionalities for opportunities to make a good forecasts and to maintain efficient insight and control over your stock.

How do you deal with the imbalance and lack of insight? How do you ensure that you have the right stock in the right quantity at the right time?

Many companies make efforts to monitor this in spreadsheets, with smart but often not the right formulas. It also takes time, it’s sensitive to errors and timing is important.

Do you want more control over your stock, a better delivery rate and satisfied customers?

EazyStock Go is available for every wholesaler with their own stock!

EazyStock Go offers you:

a. Insight into stock that is or is likely to become obsolete

b. Insight into insufficient stock

c. Manage new articles, discontinued articles and promotions

d. A reliable purchasing proposal so that you purchase the right amount at the right time

e. Simple data import and export from your inventory system

f. Online solution, to be used on your smartphone, tablet or laptop - anywhere, anytime

Promotion EazyStock GO 2020 

  • You can use EazyStock GO 3 months for free
  • We set up EazyStock GO together and train the users for a fixed price of €1500 euro (value 3.000 Euro)
  • You receive free training material
  • After the 3 months, we hope that you continue and you can start working with EazyStock Go or an extensive version. 
  • It is possible to cancel the subscription free of charge and without further obligations.
  • After 3 months, the costs of EazyStock Go are €375,00 euro per month.
  • EazyStock GO is a product of Syncron, the product has been developed for 20 years in collaboration with Swedish universities.

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