Sunrise Retail as a Service

por Sunrise Technology, LLC

Sunrise Retail-as-a-Service

Retail-as-a-Service (RaaS) is redefining retail experience around the world with EDGE Digital Shelves and LEAP Ad Platform.

EDGE is a digitally-enabled shelf designed to be integrated into any retail environment. With EDGE, retailers can clearly display and update product information and relevant advertisements on high-resolution screens at the point-of-decision, enhancing the shopping experience while dramatically cutting operating costs. With a customizable width and depth, EDGE units fit seamlessly into most aisles or endcaps. EDGE units contain built-in, high-resolution optics displays with the best color accuracy in the industry and JPG, PNG, and MP4 support. Multimedia content shown on EDGE is hosted and managed on the EDGE Cloud Management System (CMS), a software solution that helps retailers manage and publish content and review diagnostics. EDGE connects to the CMS using Wi-Fi but also contains Bluetooth and Zigbee for interfacing with other retail systems and consumers’ phones.

LEAP is a digital ad platform bringing brand advertising to shelves, media players, and handhelds in retail environments. LEAP allows advertisers to buy in-store advertising in real time for an experience like that of a typical digital advertising network such as Facebook or Google AdWords. This provides retailers a new ad-based revenue stream while giving CPGs and advertisers the opportunity to review and select upcoming display opportunities and develop event-specific campaigns.

These advertisements can be created by advertisers or by the EDGE owners and are fed into EDGE by integrating with APIs and data feeds. LEAP offers different size, motion, and color customization options for the creation of advertisements. Retailers and advertisers are able to track campaign effectiveness through built-in reporting tools and dashboards, changing campaigns midway through if one proves more effective than another and using the insights provided to further enhance their marketing strategies.

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