SymphonyAI NetReveal – Transaction Screening

por SymphonyAI

Reduce false positives, transform your transaction filtering processes

SymphonyAI NetReveal® Transaction Filtering solution helps financial institutions meet payment screening requirements and provides a packaged, configurable, risk-based approach for watch list investigators to easily facilitate regulatory reporting, transaction interdiction, and asset freezing.

Our Transaction Filtering solution targets:

· Excessive false positives that waste resources and time: Increased alert volume places additional pressure on sanctions managers and increases their responsibility and personal liability for sanction breaches. They can’t afford to let the truly important alerts slip through the cracks.

· Regulatory pressure: New sanctions lists are released daily and the entities on these lists change fast. Screening against the correct entities all the time is a must. Recently, a bank was fined $8.9 billion for sanctions breaches – banks can’t afford to let the truly important alerts go unnoticed.

· Escalating cost of compliance: Managers and investigators are facing a steep increase in sanction designations, increasing transaction volumes, and more customers. New payment initiatives require 24/7 screening solutions and infrastructure that drive efficiencies to keep costs down.

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