Performance 360™ - Process Performance Optimization

por SymphonyAI Industrial

Process and plant information for higher throughput, improved efficiencies, and reduced waste

SymphonyAI Industrial channels the power of rapidly evolving IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, and big data technologies to deliver industrial insight that provides exponential value to our customers.

By working with existing advanced control and/or real-time optimization systems, SymphonyAI Industrial’s Performance 360™ provides real-time guidance to operations for reduced variability, and on-line, process-wide monitoring for earlier warnings of process trips and bad actor identifications.

SymphonyAI Industrial solutions serve a broad range of industries from process to discrete to naval and marine.

Performance 360™ is focused on optimizing the performance of process units and plants to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks. Outcomes include:

· Increased energy efficiency by as much as 2%

· Improved yields by up to 2%

· Increased plant throughput by 1-3%

Performance 360™ leverages machine-learning based and artificial intelligence to optimize process manufacturing by working with modern advanced process control and real-time optimization systems.

Performance 360™ is unique in that it provides:

· Digital Twin models built from data of your own plant that reflect conditions more accurately as opposed to time-consuming physics only models

· Adaptive, self-learning AI models constantly in sync with process dynamics and asset changes

· Harnessing of production, inspection, maintenance, and planning data to provide a 360 view of process health and optimization routes

· Process FMEA for cause advisory and recommendations

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