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Rapidly deploy and tune customer-centric assortments

Predictive and generative AI addressing retail’s biggest challenges

In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, Connected Retail represents a necessary evolution for retailers aiming to stay competitive. Connected Retail is the seamless flow of data and insights that bridges silos across retail operations, allowing retailers to move from the slow and tedious reactive analysis to responding to market demands in near real-time and anticipating what’s coming next. SymphonyAI has made the concept of Connected Retail a reality with market-leading generative and predictive AI, technology infrastructure, and the ability to embed customer data throughout operational solutions and AI models. This empowers retailers to uncover previously unknowable insights and gain a holistic view of the end-to-end retail landscape, helping them stay stocked, predict trends, and tailor shopping experiences. The result? Unparalleled forecast accuracy, streamlined store operations, targeted offerings, and happy, loyal customers.

Rapidly deploy and tune customer-centric assortments

Assortment Optimization delights shoppers by creating assortments leveraging the power of predictive and generative AI. Leverage your wealth of customer data to create customer and store relevant assortments that ensures availability and customer satisfaction and allows you to achieve targeted category sales growth​. Deliver AI-powered assortments that are localized, space-aware and customer-centric quicker and more seamlessly, for higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Eliminate yesterday’s static, infrequent assortment updates. Tap the power of AI to optimize assortments across every category and store to meet customer needs, increase shopper experience and drive sales.

Simplify the complex, rapidly

SymphonyAI takes on the complexity of product assortment so you don’t have to. Create custom space and supply chain-aware assortments for every format and store, proactively updating assortments as things change – in a fraction of the time.

Create better assortments that drive loyalty

Create local customer-centric assortments and react quickly to changing needs with intelligent store clustering and transferable demand models.

Collaborate more quickly and seamlessly with CPG partners

Rapidly collaborate with CPGs on adjustments and category reviews with a singular, unified view of assortment data and performance.

Rapid, real, relevant results

2-3% sales growth per category

50% less time in the tool by allowing the AI assortment engine to do the heavy lifting

25% improvement in workflow with automatic connection to clustering and planogram processes

Effortless scenario planning

Automatically create multiple scenarios and customize configurations to create assortments that work for your specific targets and constraints.

Seamless micro-space integration

Seamless downstream integration with shelf planning and space planning tools for end-to-end category management workflow.

Improved retailer and vendor collaboration

Facilitate CPG and retailer collaboration to drive maximum category results by sharing category assortment recommendations with category advisors.

Better SKU rationalization

Quickly understand where SKUs can be rationalized or substituted, for higher customer satisfaction.

New product introductions (NPI’s)

Minimize manual inputs and reduce time and redundancy by cloning existing products for NPI’s, allowing attributes, dimensions, and performance to be populated.

Explainable results

Unlike “black box” AI models, our models provide explainable results so you understand the basis for recommendations and can make adjustments as needed.

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