BEMPOWER SaaS (Energy Expense Management)


SaaS solution for the automated management of Energy Expense Management for gas and electricity cont

This application is available only in Spanish (will be in English soon)

Bempower is a solution that allows automated and especially for multipoint customers with tariff complexity, audit the energy bills they receive from each of their suppliers and dynamically analyze both spending and consumption by different axes of analysis as well as achieving large efficiencies through the automation and centralization of the management of this item of expenditure, in order to realize savings at a small cost.

For this it has the following features: 

-           Manage the inventory identifying discrepancies: 

  •  Contracts 
  •  Accountants 
  •  Services o Consumer elements 
  •  Etc ...  

-           Incorporate in BEMPOWER the price conditions agreed with the suppliers:

 o Fixed prices or indexed (Omie + Omip).

  -           Load of consumptions : 

o Consumptions made in each Suply Point / CUPS (Contributed by the distributor / marketer and / or by telemetry).

  -           Automatic re -consumption of the consumptions with the agreed conditions.  

-           Identification of billing errors. 

 On the other hand BEMPOWER has other features that generate a high added value:

  -           Identification of saving options:

 o Automatic calculation of the optimal power setting to be contracted for all supply points

 o Identification of reactive energy

 o Etc ... 

 -           Multidimensional analysis of consumption and expenses. 

 -           Custom reports : 

o Cast by Cost Center

 o Type of consumption 

o Consumption and expenditure ratio 

o Etc ...  

-           Generation and management of the budget.  

-           Simulation and comparison of offers (eg Fixed vs. Indexed). 

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