ProfilePrint Tea Grading Module


A Total System Solution "A.I food analyser" based on food fingerprinting technology.

ProfilePrint™ is a rapid and non-destructive food analyser based on A.I. food fingerprinting technology, which can rapidly authenticate, identify adulteration and predict characteristics such as taste profiles.

ProfilePrint™ analyses at molecular level and can be used seamlessly by stakeholders in the supply chain, retrieving real-time results from anywhere. 


With about 5g of a sample from a food product – e.g. tea, coffee, herbs, spices – ProfilePrint™ makes it possible to swiftly identify the quality, adulteration, geographic origins, and even taste profile in just a few seconds. 

Without the need to prepare the sample, our portable food scanner – with its patented metabolomic fingerprint technology and machine-learning algorithms – analyses the food product in a non-destructive manner. 

With scientific efficiency and accuracy, ProfilePrint™ ensures consistency much more cost-effectively as compared to the high cost and turn-around time of 3rd party lab testing. 

Key Advantages

• Speed and Accuracy:
ProfilePrint™ takes a few seconds to ascertain quality without the need of human-tasting

• Knowledge Management:
Experience is retained in the A.I. model learnt from the experts

• Portability:
Web-based software with a device easily hand- carried in a travel bag 

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